Exhibitions Without Walls Interviews Me

Last month I was selected to be interviewed by Ed Wedman of Exhibitions Without Walls. This is my first interview and I was thrilled to participate. Ed asked some very insightful and probing questions.

Here is a sampling of the interview:

EWW: You write about Africa and African Wildlife as a great inspiration for you?  Can you elaborate on this?

Mike: Nature documentaries on TV are filled with beautiful imagery, but as wonderful as they are, nothing can match the intensity of gazing into the eyes of a giraffe as it gazes down at you, or the serenity of spending an hour with a herd of elephants as they graze in silence or frolic in a waterhole, or the thrill of driving through a herd of several hundred cape buffalo, or feeling the hair on your neck bristle at the sound of a lion’s guttural roar from only a few feet away, or being entertained by the slapstick antics of an ostrich as it rummages through your camp dishes and swallows your matches. This is the Africa I want to share in my images. (read more)

About Mike

Mike has lived in Kenya for 14 years and been on over 50 photo safaris.
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